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The Association for

Physical Education (afPE)

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The Association for Physical Education (afPE) is the only physical education subject association in the UK.


afPE is committed to being the representative organisation of choice for people and organisations delivering or supporting the delivery of physical education in schools and in the wider community.


afPE’s work includes developing physical education related policy and related statements, responding to consultations, meeting with representatives from partner organisations and political representatives, and promoting the subject in a variety of forums.  


afPE’s purpose is to promote and maintain high standards and safe practice in all aspects and at all levels of physical education, influencing developments in physical education at national and local levels.


afPE provides quality assured services and resources, and valuable professional support for our members and the physical education and sport profession through a range of high quality accredited professional development opportunities, journals, employment support, employment opportunities, monthly newsletter, email and text updates, representation at key stakeholder meetings and national working parties, insurance cover and dedicated help lines for health & safety and legal advice.


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Useful Links on the afPE Website:


•2014 National PE Curriculum: Advice & Guidance

• afPE Quality Mark for Physical Education & Sport

•Level 5/6 PE Specialist Vocational Qualification for Primary School Teachers

•Level 2/3 Qualification for non QTS support staff

•Guidance on the Effective Employment & Deployment of Coaches in Schools

•Primary PE & Sport Premium: Guidance for Head Teachers, Governors and Staff on effective use of the funding and a website template & guidance

•Health & Safety guidance & FAQs

•Coming Soon: New Level 3 Certificate in Supporting Physical Development & Physical Activity in the Early Years


Visit the afPE website: www.afpe.org.uk



This guidance is available on the afPE website: www.afpe.org.uk