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Case Studies on the Primary PE and School Sport Premium


Below are a variety of case studies which demonstrate different ways that schools have effectively spent their Primary PE and School Sport Funding

Case Study of Coleshill Heath Primary using PE and Sport to impriove behaviour and attendance


The Department of Education has put together a Regional Case Study document demonstrating how some schools have used their Primary PE and Sport Premium funding. - click here to view them

Watch the video and find out out how Howes Primary School in Coventry used their funding to target an inactive group of pupils


Do you engage your pupils?


Here is a great video from Somerset Physical Activity and Sports Partnership which asks children what they want to take part in and what they like.

Case Study of how Martial Arts is improving lunch time behaviour Case Study of how a breakfast club improved healthy eating and engagement in class

Watch the video and find out out Smithswood in North Solihull worked with Warwickshire Wildlife Trust to encourage activity in their KS1 pupils