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Please note that you need to have  qualified to attend the level  3 County competition

Contact your School Games Organiser for more details.


If you would like advice for parents and carers to help keep their children  safe in sport you can signpost to the advice offered by the NSPCC on the CPSU’s website here:


https://thecpsu.org.uk/help-advice/related-information/information-for-parents-and-carers/ click to insert body text here

Level 3 Invite letters for CSW School Games

Invite Letter Basketball Stratford Leisure Centre Invite Letter Badminton Coventry Sports Connexion Invite Letter Gymnastics Invite Letter Inclusive Mult-Sport Alan Higgs Invite Letter Trampolining Warwickshire College Invite Letter Sportshall Athletics North Solihull Parkwood


North Solihull Competition Times Invite Letter Multi-Sport North Solihull Invite letter Multi-Sport Queen Diamond Jubilee Invite letter Rowing