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Sport Formats, Pledge Templates & Risk Assesments



Level 3 Winter Sport Formats Level 3 Summer Sport Formats Pledge - Central Warwickshire Pledge - Coventry East Pledge - Coventry West Pledge - Eastern Warwickshire Pledge - Northern Warwickshire Pledge - Solihull North Pledge - Solihull South Pledge - Southern Warwickshire

School Games Pledge Templates - please click on your area to download and print:

School Games Welfare Plan

Level 3 Competition Formats for 2017


Risk Assesments

If you would like advice for parents and carers to help keep their children safe in sport you can signpost to the advice offered by the NSPCC on the CPSU’s website here:



Change4Life Risk Assessment Hockey Risk Assessment Rounders Risk Assessment Panathlon Risk Assessment Tri Golf and Super Sixes University of Warwick Events Risk Assessment Athletics Risk Assessment Tennis Risk Assessment Softball Risk Assessment Handball Risk Assessment